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If you play sports or are physically active, the words “athlete’s foot” probably sound familiar. At North Mississippi Foot Specialists in Oxford, Mississippi, Carey Williams, DPM, routinely provides relief to athlete’s foot sufferers. Since symptoms often recur, Dr. Williams works with patients to remain vigilant about treating symptoms when problems arise. He also offers helpful tips on how to limit the effects of athlete’s foot. To find out more, schedule an appointment today by calling the office or using the online booking tool.

Athlete's Foot

What is athlete’s foot? 

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that usually shows up between your toes. It’s common among individuals who are physically active and wear tight-fitting shoes. Having your feet confined to athletic footwear with the combination of sweat and friction can bring on this condition. 

Although it’s not always a serious condition, it can be very annoying and cause you pain that limits your physical activity. It’s also important to note that athlete’s foot is a contagious condition and can spread through contaminated towels and clothing. 

What are the signs and symptoms of athlete’s foot? 

Athlete's foot typically causes a scaly red rash between your toes. The resulting itching is often the worst immediately after you take off your shoes and socks.

In some cases, bouts of athlete's foot can feature blisters or ulcers. You may also notice chronic dryness and scaling on the soles that extend up to the side of your foot. 

With these symptoms, it’s particularly important to see Dr. Williams for a proper diagnosis because athlete’s foot can be mistaken for eczema. 

Are there ways to prevent athlete’s foot? 

Yes, there are measures you can take to help prevent, or at least limit your risk of developing athlete’s foot. Here are some helpful tips: 

  • Keep your feet dry as much as possible
  • Change socks regularly
  • Wear light, airy shoes that aren’t too tight
  • Don’t wear the same pair of shoes every day
  • Don’t share shoes or towels

Also, if you do notice symptoms of athlete’s foot, begin treatment right away to prevent it from progressing and worsening. Symptoms will likely recur, so it’s best to get a handle on the condition as quickly as you can. 

What is the treatment for athlete’s foot? 

Dr. Williams and the team at North Mississippi Foot Specialists can direct you to the over-the-counter antifungal medications and prescription medications that typically treat athlete's foot. The practice’s in-house pharmacy has you covered in terms of athlete’s foot medications. 

However, since symptoms will likely recur, it’s important to stay alert when treating your athlete’s foot. Don’t neglect to treat athlete’s foot again and seeing Dr. Williams on an ongoing basis should it arise again. 

To learn more about how to prevent and treat athlete’s foot, call the office or book a consultation online today.