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Diabetic Feet Specialist

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If you have diabetes, foot problems are a common ailment you may find yourself dealing with. At North Mississippi Foot Specialists in Oxford, Mississippi, Carey Williams, DPM, helps treat diabetic feet with a host of innovative options. With modern physical therapy techniques, aqua roll therapy, or pain medication, you can achieve highly effective symptom relief from diabetic feet. To find out more, call the office or book a consultation with Dr. Williams online today.

Diabetic Feet

What is diabetes? 

Diabetes is a chronic disease that’s marked by high blood sugar levels. Your blood sugar (blood glucose) takes the food you eat and helps transfer it into energy. Insulin is the hormone your pancreas produces that helps allow the use of glucose to provide your cells with energy. 

Diabetes sufferers either don’t produce enough glucose, or their bodies don’t use insulin properly. 

The result is too much glucose remaining in your blood instead of being used for energy. Over time, high glucose levels in your blood can cause a variety of health problems, including: 

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Kidney disease
  • Eye problems
  • Nerve damage

However, one of the most debilitating diabetes complications is foot problems or diabetic feet. Luckily, the skilled team at North Mississippi Foot Specialists offers personalized treatment options for diabetic feet. 

What are common signs and symptoms of diabetic feet? 

The specific symptoms of diabetic feet can vary from patient to patient depending on their individual health issues. However, some of the most common signs and symptoms of diabetic feet include: 

  • Loss of feeling
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Blisters and wounds that don’t cause pain
  • Skin discoloration
  • A hot or cold sensation
  • Red streaks
  • Staining on socks

If an infection develops on diabetic feet, you may experience fever, chills, or shaking. 

When should I see a specialist about diabetic feet? 

If you already know you have diabetes and begin to notice signs of diabetic feet that don’t subside on their own within a few days, it’s best to come in and see Dr. Williams. Don’t let this debilitating issue slow you down. Get the proper treatment and restore your quality of life with help from the team at North Mississippi Foot Specialists. 

What is the treatment for diabetic feet? 

First, Dr. Williams will evaluate your diabetic feet during a comprehensive physical evaluation. He may suggest lifestyle modifications, such as nutrition or exercise tips, footwear recommendations, and wound care methods to help alleviate symptoms of your diabetic feet. 

Dr. Williams personalizes each treatment plan to you and your needs. Other treatment options include aqua roll therapy to help deal with swelling; individualized physical therapy; and pain medications you can pick up at the practice’s in-house pharmacy. 

To learn more about treatment options for diabetic feet, call the office or book a consultation online today.